If you are wanting to do good in your life, have you thought about a gap year program? Here at Youth International we love to take on people as volunteers to work abroad. We create opportunities for those who want to volunteer abroad. If this is starting to sound more appealing to you as you continue to read, we welcome you to follow up with us online after this great read!

Our gap year volunteer programs give students and people who want to volunteer for a better cause the chance to do so! When you give our gap year program a try, we know you will be satisfied. When you decide that you are going to come abroad with our gap year program, you should know more about the accommodations. During a third of the trips length you will most likely stay with a host family. These host families live in remote and extremely basic villages where there will be no running water, electricity or other basic amenities that you are used to using on a daily basis. You may also experience sleeping in hostel, trains, temples and even camping. You would think the sleeping situation would be one of the bigger circumstances that you would need to get used to, but the food is bigger. It is one of the biggest challenges our volunteers that work abroad face. Food that you find in these villages is very simple. It is a comfort zone that many haven’t experienced before, and can be seen as one of the biggest challenges. To learn more about Youth International and the gap year volunteer programs we have, visit us online today!