Here at Youth International, we understand the reasons for gap years. Whether you just need a break before your undergraduate career, or you’re looking for a sabbatical before graduate work, you’ll find one of our gap year volunteer programs perfect for you. Through travel and cultural exchange, refresh yourself and your mind. We are firm believers that exploring a broader worldly perspective while developing a deeper understanding of one’s self and their place within the world is conducive to building tomorrow’s personally and socially aware leaders.

However, our gap year volunteer programs are not to be considered  a vacation! Through volunteer work and cultural immersion, each program is both physically and mentally demanding. You will constantly meet new people and experience different cultures that will force you to revaluate what is right, wrong, normal, and where you stand within these boundaries. Through constant exposure to cultural relativity, you will grow as a person both mentally, psychologically, and emotionally. We ask our participants to dig deep within themselves to find the strength to complete each program and reach deep beyond their comfort zones to reap the benefits from the seeds you sowed with you joined us in the beginning.

Youth International’s main focus is learning. An ideal candidate would be someone who is adventurous, curious about the world, and curious about where they stand in that world. While the majority of learning will come from your day to day experiences volunteering with the communities and peoples you come in contact with, you will also participate in group reflections, readings, culture and language workshops, and guest lectures. This combination of traditional academia and experiential learning raises the level of learning to its highest potential.

We invite you to explore our website and contact us with any questions you have.