Kenya is an incredible country offering the quintessential sub-Saharan Africa experience.  The people are amongst the most friendly and welcoming cultures in the world.  The landscapes, from the golden savannahs of the Maasai Mara to the rolling green hills of the Rift Valley to deserts to marshland in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro, are breathtaking and awe inspiring. And, they are teeming with wildlife that is unparalleled on our planet.
Members of the fall 2022 Youth International team will live and travel with local Kenyans, learning about their real life by living it and traveling it in a real way themselves.  And, they will give back to the communities in which they live by volunteering on projects such as helping to build and renovate local schools, and teaching English and running educational workshops for the children.  They will also explore the incredible nature and wildlife in the most amazing spots in the country and in a myriad of ways from foot to boat to bicycle to jeep.  And, there will also be time to explore the bustling and colorful streets, markets, monuments and museums of some of the country’s major urban centers. Overall it is a rugged, real, and intense trip. At the end of it each participant will have a first-hand understanding of life in Kenya, and will be a much more worldly and self-aware savvy international traveler.
Dates: November 26 to December 23, 2022.  Program Fee:  $5,500 US (+ flights, est. $1,100 US)  *NOTE: Program fee can be paid using 529 College funds and AmeriCorp Education Awards.


Student and African woman carrying buckets of laundry on their heads and smiling

Detailed Itinerary: November 26 to December 23

Nov. 26 to 27: New York:  Team members meet up in New York City and begin a series of orientation workshops on topics including health, safety, cultural sensitivity, and team building, in preparation for their Kenya adventure.

On Nov. 27, the team flies together from New York to Kenya, arriving in the city of Nairobi on Nov. 28.

Nov. 28 to 29: Nairobi:  The team has time to begin exploring the bustling and exotic capital city of Kenya, and will visit the National Museum.

Nov. 29 to Dec. 2: Lake Naivasha:  Based along the shore of Lake Naivasha, living in simple wooden cabins surrounded by a vast array of bird and monkey life, with hippos lurking in the nearby waters, the team will explore some of the most amazing natural wonders in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley region.  This includes a hike around the volcanic crater of Mount Longonot, and searching out wildlife such as giraffes, zebras, wildebeests and much more on foot at Crescent Island, and by bicycle at Hell’s Gate National Park.

Dec. 2 to 8: Nakuru:  During this week, team members learn firsthand about real life in this mid-size Kenyan city by living it themselves with average middle-class host families.  They will become involved in family and community activities and will also volunteer to help build a school for street children, and will also run educational workshops for the children.  On the final day in Nakuru the team will search for, and learn about, an array of African wildlife while on jeep safari in Nakuru National Park.

Dec. 8 to 14: Kilgoris:  This week the team will learn experientially about small town and village life in Kenya while living with host families in the hills just outside Maasai Mara National Park.  Days will be spent engaged in family and community activities, including volunteering to help renovate a local elementary school, as well as running educational workshops for the children.

Dec. 14 to 16: Maasai Mara National Park:  Three day jeep safari, exploring and learning about a spectacular array African wildlife from elephants to rhinos to lions and much more while cruising the golden savannahs of the continents premier national park.

Dec. 16 to 22: Village Home stay:   For one week the team will live in very simple conditions with tribal families, in the bush, in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro.   Days will be spent learning firsthand about tribal Maasai life while helping families with regular daily work and chores.  Participants will also run educational workshops for young tribal children at their outdoor school.  There will also be group outings to learn about the surrounding area.

Dec. 22 to 23: Nairobi:  Overnight back in the capital city.  Final team wrap up discussions and celebrations.

On Dec. 23 the team will fly from Nairobi back to New York City, and then onward individually to each team member’s final home destination.

*Although unlikely, it is possible that the starting and ending point in the USA could change due to flight schedules and availability.