Yes, it is possible to enjoy all the benefits of experiential learning, and earn college credit at the same time!  At Youth International, we are fortunate to have staff with advanced academic credentials (that is, PhD and university teaching experience), which allows us to design and manage courses that are specially tailored to Youth International’s overseas programs.  All the experiential activities are already included in the program.  To earn college credit, you are simply required to read specially selected articles or chapters, write responses to questions on the readings, and also write a reflective essay.

We believe that the depth of understanding you will gain from your related experiences would far outweigh the knowledge you would gain solely from a classroom.  For example, when doing our course on Tibetan Buddhist meditation, you spend 10 days in a silent meditation retreat led by Buddhist monks in India, you visit Buddhist temples, experience Buddhism in every day life through home stays, and have the opportunity to talk with monks,  sometimes even have an audience with the Dalai Lama (as our current team just did a few weeks ago).  How amazing is that!