When traveling with Youth International on one of our gap year programs, you have the opportunity to travel to many different places in three different countries.  Our South America program travels to Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador.  During the trip, you will have some profound cultural experiences with local people by taking part in volunteer projects and living with families in home stays.  Part of the program can be very physically and mentally demanding, pushing you outside of your comfort zone.

During Youth International’s gap year program in South America, you will also have the opportunity to see some sights that are on many people’s bucket list, maybe yours!

1) Spend time in the Amazon rainforest, learn about like of the indigenous people and help with conservation work.

2) Sail on a small boat to different spots in the Galapagos Islands, enjoy some snorkeling, and learn about the unique geology, flora, and fauna.

3) Visit Machu Picchu at sunrise— after spending 4 days trekking through the Andes up to the summit.

All this and so much more on a three month trip with Youth International.  Contact us today about joining our next team this spring!