Are you trying to decide whether to travel solo on your gap year, or to join an organized gap year program like Youth International?  Traveling solo can be a lot of fun, and you can gain particular skills by going that route.  There are certain tangible benefits, though, that come from joining an organized gap year program.

Joining a reputable, accredited gap year program like Youth International looks great on your resume.  Colleges and employers will know at a glance that you have done some profound, meaningful activities in your time away from traditional academia.  At the same time, your Youth International leaders will provide guided activities to enhance what you are learning in your day-to-day activities. This may take the form of reflective exercises, readings, discussions, etc…  This is not a break from learning, this is just a break from the classroom!

By joining a group with a set itinerary, you will inevitably end up doing things you would not otherwise have thought of doing, or been able to organize on your own.  This means that you are opening the possibility of discovering something that you really enjoy, that you didn’t even know was out here!

Traveling by yourself can be a good opportunity for introspection, but it can also be isolating and lonely at times.  When you travel with Youth International, you are instantly part of a team of like-minded peers, some of whom will likely end up as lifelong friends.

Your gap year should be about YOU, but joining a gap year program will also help your parents worry less about you while you are out in the world far from home.  With Youth International, you are traveling with an organization that always puts your safety first and adheres to rigorous safety standards.