1. My Life Changing Experience

    I participated in the Asia trip. It was a period in my life when I really had no idea what I wanted to do. I went on the trip because I had no sense of Asia - this region that is so important to global politics, labor relations, finance, art, religion, you name it. I can say in all honesty that the YI trip marked a definite turning point for me in thinking about what I wanted to do with my future.…Read More

    Matthew Erie, Princeton, New Jersey
  2. A New Adventure Every Day

    "Each day in the program is a new adventure... I am constantly gaining new perspectives of myself, my own culture and the world.  First hand I have learned about a myriad of religions and cultures.  The more of the world I see the more I realize how much there is to be learned and how much there is to be done.…Read More

    Matt Daniel, Keedysville, Maryland
  3. I Amazed Myself

    "The trek really showed me what I was capable of... I amazed myself by doing it and accepting it and not being bothered by the struggle."…Read More

    Heather Ellsworth, San Francisco, California
  4. Exhilarating!

    Getting a chance to work, sing, dance and laugh with the villagers gave me the opportunity to learn so much more than I could have from a book... I feel that because of this trip my future is wide open. I have a newly found confidence in myself and the exhilarating feeling that I can go to any country in the world.…Read More

    Kevin Kapeller, St. Charles, Missouri
  5. It Was Great

    "Through community service projects, I’ve gotten to know not only the people of that country, but I’ve also discovered new things about my teammates. I watched people teach classes, lay cement floors, dance, play basketball and volleyball with neighbourhood kids, and design and paint an amazing mural. It was great to see people’s creative talents emerge while assisting and getting to know th…Read More

    Melanie Ellsworth, Sudbury, Massachusetts
  6. Tons Of Fun!

    "I would recommend Youth International to anyone who is perfectly capable of having fun, because they’ll have tons of it!"…Read More

    Liza Carlson, Portland, Oregon
  7. A Great Team & Support Group

    "Traveling with a team provides a strong support group. This allows you to focus your energy on learning about where you are and about yourself."…Read More

    Bethany Novak, Champaign, Illinois
  8. Hard To Imagine

    "I found myself in places doing things that I could hardly have imagined back in the USA."…Read More

    Kristin Dolwick, Louisville, Kentucky
  9. Best Way To Experience The World

    "I recommend this program to anyone with an adventurous spirit, a thirst for knowledge and a hunger to be challenged beyond presumed limits... There is no better, safer or wiser way to experience the world."…Read More

    Victoria Schmitt, St. Peters, Missouri